CGS Shutter Body is the outcome of many Engineering R & D

What makes this body unique, is its ability to have two temperature zones to transport dry and refrigerated products at the same time.

This body is a combination of both aluminum and steel which makes the body strong enough to absorb vigorous conditions of payload and the road terrains.

Floor could be insulated or non-insulated with inclination.

Features (Standard)

  • Insulated compartments
  • Tubular Partitions
  • Central Lock System
  • Single color painting
  • Fixed / Removable / Hinged Shelf
  • Aluminum shutter doors with customized bays


  • 4 Bay | 6 Bay | 6.5 Bay | 8.5 Bay | 10 Bay

Accessories (Add-ons)

  • Tubular Partitions to divide Compartments / Bay
  • Foldable Side Steps – SASO Standard
  • Side Doors
  • Floor | Shutter insulated - Front wall could be provided with reinforcement to mount and carry Carrier Cooling Unit with temperature around +25° C