Reefer Body Riyadh


CGS manufactured Insulated Reefer Bodies are designed to withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions in the Middle East. Our Reefer Bodies are suitable for distribution of Chiller | Frozen Foods, Dry Products and other consumable or non-consumable products that require the product to be maintained and transported under monitored temperature-controlled environment by using compatible Carrier Cooling Unit.


  • Complying with ATP standards
  • Meeting SASO standards for its overall dimensions
  • Certified with SASO standards for Crash Barriers & Rear Bumper Bar

Open Pouring

  • Panels used for Reefer Bodies is with the one of the latest technologies by Open Pouring methodology


  • Special care is maintained in selection of raw materials, water-proof fasteners & rivets, sealant, water proof internal LED ceiling lights with lux value of 480 etc.
  • External lights complying with SASO std.
  • Specially engineered custom-made profiles give our body overall and aesthetic look and feel
  • Floor structure / applications of Reefer Bodies could be designed for customized requirements


  • Doors: Double Wing Rear Doors (DWRD) with container locks and hinges to withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions
  • Uniform Density – equally and proportionately balanced overall 40 (±2) kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity, (lambda) λ= 0.022 w/m k0


  • Outer: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) | GRP |
  • Inner: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) PVC Coated GI | GRP

Standard Dimensions

  • Length: 2.2m to 9.5 m | Width: 1.6 m to 2.6 m | Height: 1.6 m to 2.7 m

Add Ons

  • Floor Top - GRP | Checkered Aluminum | Aluminum T-Section |
  • Doors Types–Triple Wings | Sliding Doors | Side Doors
  • Roof stand | Access Ladders | | Plastic Curtains | Shelf | Meat Rails with Meat Hooks (Double | Single) Dual Zone Compartment – Partition Wall: Fixed | Moveable | Tiltable | Moveable & Tiltable | Detachable | with sliding
Reefer Body Saudi Arabia