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This Swiss- Saudi joint venture Company Coldstores Group of Saudi Arabia widely known as CGS are pioneers in the field of Transport Refrigeration, stationary Refrigeration Systems (Industrial / Commercial Refrigeration Transporting and Storage solutions), multipurpose Shelters and conversion of wide range of utility vehicles.

CGS’s versatility and engineering expertise enables us to produce a wide range of products and solutions. We have total lifetime cost of ownership in mind when providing solutions; our customers can be assured that product lifetime as well as operational and maintenance costs are carefully balanced.

Many customers have put their trust in CGS solutions; very commonly, they are the leading brands in their industries. Besides serving the leading names in the food, pharmaceutical, vaccine transporting and storage solutions and telecommunication industry we have provided solutions for Ministries and semi-government entities such as MoI, MoH, MoD, Aramco, … Just to name a few.

We are continuously investing in new technologies to enhance product quality, production excellence and process automation. To achieve this, we collaborate globally with the best partners in their industries and work with well-known consultancy firms. We train and develop our employees and ensure that new skills is gained through classroom and on the job training.

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality control system ensures that every product rolling out of CGS production line meets the highest predefined quality standards. CGS operating principles include Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen philosophies. CGS direct salesforce and service technicians’ interact with thousands of customers, allowing CGS to understand market trends, customer needs and product performance very well.

The voice of our customers are in the center of our culture and plays a crucial role why CGS is able to excel. Today our brand is synonymous with trust, quality and innovation; these pillars go back to our heritage of Swiss engineering excellence and are an important asset.

Vaccine Transporting and storage solutions Saudi Arabia

CGS leverages this asset in our journey of growth and long-term success. Our employees are the backbone of CGS and our most critical asset. We believe in the power of diversity and stand tall with a committed group of skilled professionals from 25 different countries spanning four continents.

They represent a microcosm of the world in terms of force, cultures, languages, and religion. And, they all work together with harmony, towards one team goal…excellence.