Commercial Refrigeration system


CGS commercial refrigeration projects are mainly concerned with the design, installation and maintenance of refrigerated fixtures of the type used by retail stores, walk in cold-rooms, restaurants, hotels and institutions for storing, displaying, processing and dispensing of perishable commodities of all types.


  • Energy saving
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Less foot print for Compressor room
  • Ease in operation


  • Walk in Cold-rooms | Restaurant |
  • Pharmaceuticals | Storage & Distribution |
  • Vegetable & Fruits

Commercial Refrigeration

CGS manufactures and supplies the total solution package for commercial refrigeration including cold/freezer rooms, refrigeration system, doors, strip curtains, ramps, and shelving. Refrigeration systems are supplied in several different configurations. CGS supplies systems which are custom engineered according to the customer’s specific requirement and for various commercial applications.

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