Refrigeration System

CGS is the leading refrigeration company in Saudi Arabia, delivering world class refrigeration systems to the industry.

CGS can proudly acclaim for building up of Industrial Refrigeration as well as Commercial Coldstores / Warehouse for leading food processing and distribution firms in the Kingdom wide. Business ties up with Refrigeration supply chains enables CGS to be successful in the refrigeration field. Today CGS offer complete constructed system with fire rated insulated sandwich panels, wall, ceiling elements and insulated doors for economically optimal construction of cooling system and deep freezing Coldstores.

Refrigeration Versatility

Professional customized design and installation of actual panel room and the refrigeration system for both chilling and freezing temperature stores for many industries. These include chilling and freezing rooms from the small “walk-in” type to the large industrial type serving industries like: catering, restaurants, butchery, medical, bakery, hospital, farm fresh, supermarkets, florist shops & flower farms, mortuary, laboratory, chilled & frozen poultry, vegetables, fruits, dairy, red meats, ice cream and many more.