CGS Ice Cream Body is designed and manufactured with utmost care to reach temperature recommended for products like Ice Cream during its transportation.

Maintaining temperature is the most crucial factor of Ice Cream body. CGS specially designed multiple small side doors that ensure the cooling is maintained efficiently during loading and offloading of products.


  • Complying with ATP standards
  • Meeting SASO standards for its overall dimensions
  • Certified with SASO standards for Crash Barriers & Rear Bumper Bar
  • External lights complying with SASO std

Open Pouring

  • Panels used for Reefer Bodies is with the one of the latest technologies by Open Pouring methodology


  • Insulation 150 MM
  • External lights complying with SASO std.
  • Uniform Density – equally and proportionately balanced overall 40 (±2) kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity, (lambda) λ= 0.022 w/m k0
  • Panels used for Ice Cream Bodies is with the one of the latest technologies


  • Doors are provided with special lock (easy open and close) and rubber sealing to maintain the cooling inside the body
  • Side Doors as per customer requirement: Single | Double | Triple | Four
  • Special care is maintained in selection of raw materials, water-proof fasteners, rivets, sealant, water proof internal LED ceiling lights with lux value of 480 etc.
  • Floor Top
  • GRP Floor
  • GRP Ribbed Floor
  • Aluminum T-Section Floor


  • Outer: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) | GRP
  • Inner: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) PVC Coated GI | GRP


  • Length: 3 Meters to 6 Meters
  • Width: 2 Meters to 2.5 Meters

Add Ons

  • Floor Top - GRP | Checkered Aluminum | Aluminum T-Section |
  • Doors Types–Triple Wings | Sliding Doors | Side Doors
  • Roof stand | Access Ladders | | Plastic Curtains | Shelf | Meat Rails with Meat Hooks (Double | Single) Dual Zone Compartment – Partition Wall: Fixed | Moveable | Tiltable | Moveable & Tiltable | Detachable | with sliding