Cargo loading solutions for Logistics Company


CGS Tail Lifts partnered with Anteo comes in a wide range of models depending on the loading capacity and vehicle type with the ability to carry weights from 800 kg to 2 tons depending on the selections.

Types of Tail Lifts:

  • Cantilever
  • Retractable
  • Tuck-Away
  • Customized types as per customer vehicle

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Platform
  • Italian Brand
  • Strength to carry different loads (With Edge Suitable for Rollers)
  • Lifting System with Hydraulic Pump & Hydraulic Oil
  • Battery cables & battery cut out switch
  • Motor with thermal cutout

Standard Features

  • Remote control
  • Flashing lights on the platform to indicate the Tail-Lifts operational mode
  • Safety valves on all cylinders
  • Automatic Hydraulic or Mechanical union at ground level
  • Easy to operate & durable

After Sales

  • Genuine OEM Parts
  • Easy and flexible maintains Contracts
  • Professional service networks at strategic locations


  • Solutions that anticipate the customer needs
  • High safety levels
  • Reliability over time
  • High quality components
  • Low maintenance Cost

Smart reasons why 3PL companies should choose Tail Lifts

Preferred choice of many transport companies, fleet owners, rental companies and body builders around the Kingdom that are calculating the whole life costs not just the purchase cost over the next 5 years of the tail lift.

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