Semi Curtain Trailer Riyadh


Semi Curtain Trailers are ideal for easy cargo loading and unloading for urban transportation with high capacity, they are the preferred solution for Logistics companies for cross-country mobility when it comes to their dry products. Other than the standard curtains, it can also be with insulated curtains, which can go along with the Carrier Cooling Unit to maintain and transport chilled products.

Our semi curtain trailers are designed and manufactured according to the international standards, using the engineering tools for calculating the center of gravity, reaction on the axles / tires and other technical factors for optimized overall performance.


  • Meeting SASO standards for its overall dimensions & SASO standards for Crash Barriers & Rear Bumper Bar
  • Doors: Double Wing Rear Doors (DWRD) with container locks and hinges that can withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions
  • PVC Insulated curtain (to maintain temperature of around 25 C0) / Non-Insulated Curtains


  • Length: 12 Meters to 16.2 Meters
  • Width: 2.6 Meters

Features (Standard)

  • Rubber flashing over curtains
  • Mud Guard
  • Rear Bumper | Crash Barrier as per SASO standard
  • Curtain Tightener (Ratchet)
  • Movable posts on both side of the trailer

Floor Top

  • Painted Checkered Steel | Walk-House Plywood | Plywood covered with GRP


  • Insulated – Roof | Front | Rear
  • High strength steel profile is used in chassis manufacturing
  • European standard Axle and Brake systems are used
  • Floor structure of semi curtain side trailers could be designed for customized requirements such as automated loading/unloading by slip/chain system
  • Structure of body could be customized for double deck pallet storage system
  • Applications: | Beverages | Dry Cargo | many more
Semi Curtain Trailer Saudi Arabia