Semi Trailers Saudi Arabia


CGS Semi Reefer Trailers are designed to maintain a desired temperature to keep the cargo fresh so they remain Chilled or Frozen on arrival. Refrigerated trailers are used for transporting perishable cargo that needs to arrive in prime condition. Our semi-trailers are designed to withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions in the Middle East.

Our semi-trailers are designed and manufactured according to the international standards by using the most lasted engineering tools for calculating the center of gravity, reaction on the axles / tires and other technical factors for optimized overall performance.


  • Complying with ATP standards
  • Meeting SASO standards for its overall dimensions
  • Certified with SASO standards for Crash Barriers & Rear Bumper Bar

Open Pouring

  • Panels used for Reefer Bodies is with the one of the latest technologies by Open Pouring methodology


  • Doors: Double Wing Rear Doors (DWRD) with container locks and hinges withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions
  • Uniform Density – equally and proportionately balanced overall 40 (±2) kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity, (lambda) λ= 0.022 w/m k0
  • Special care is maintained in selection of raw materials, water-proof fasteners, rivets, sealant, water proof internal LED ceiling lights with lux value of 480 etc.
  • External lights complying with SASO std.


  • High strength steel profile is used in Chassis manufacturing
  • European standard Axle and Brake systems
  • Floor structure of Trailer Bodies could be designed for customized requirements such as automated loading/unloading by slip/chain system
  • Structure of the body could be customized for double deck pallet storage system, which could be manual or hydraulically operated system


  • Outer: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) | GRP
  • Inner: White Polyester pre painted GI steel (PPGI) PVC Coated GI | GRP

Standard Dimensions

  • Length: 12 m to 16.2 m | Width: 2.6 m | Height: 2.6 m to 3.0 m

Add Ons

  • Floor Top - GRP | Checkered Aluminum | Aluminum T-Section |
  • Doors Types– Double Wing | Side Doors
  • Access Ladders | Plastic Curtains | Meat Rails with Meat Hooks (Double | Single)
  • Dual Zone Compartment – Partition Wall: Fixed | Moveable |
  • Chassis - Spare wheel holder | Utility Box(s) | ABS, EBS, TEBS | Manual / Automatic Front Axle Lifting device | Raise & Lower device | Parking Brake Valves | Tail Gates |
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