Light Commercial Vehicle Cooling Units - Direct Drive Units

Ease of use and flexibility

Carrier Transicold’s direct drive refrigeration units are specifically designed for the transportation of fresh or frozen goods in small-to-medium sized delivery vehicles.

Features for Direct Drive Units

  • Specifically designed for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Mainly uses R134A refrigerant for optimum operation and longer service life
  • Guaranteed reliability due to the simple design and high quality
  • Selection of Units
    • Viento
    • Xarios
    • Zephyr
    • Citymax
  • Units are available in 12V and 24

Features for Diesel Units

  • Doors: Double Wing Rear Doors (DWRD) with container locks and hinges to withstand harsh climatic and geographical conditions
  • Uniform Density – equally and proportionately balanced overall 40 (±2) kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity, (lambda,λ), 0.022 w/m k0

Truck Cooling Units - Diesel Drive Units

Tough outside, cool inside

Specially designed to meet the challenges raised by high ambient temperatures

Solutions for all your short, medium and long distance distribution needs. Developed for distribution environments with multiple door openings. You can rely on the high performance of the Oasis range units to meet the challenges of your operation.

Trailer Cooling Units

For every mission there is a vector

From long haul transport to distribution, each Vector unit has been designed to maximize your cold chain performance and optimize your cost of ownership while minimizing environmental impact.

Keeping goods cool on the road is challenging. Your trailers can be driving across countries, at any time of the day or in extreme temperatures. But whatever type of goods you are transporting, you need to make sure your customers remain satisfied and supply chain optimized.


  • Designed to operate on trailers for all applications, various technologies can be implemented based on the customers’ needs
  • Delivers excellent performance through engine driven options or generator driven
    • X4
    • Vector Mono and Multi