One of the core product line of CGS is our Insulated Sandwich Panel. CGS Panels are produced using Polyurethane (PUR - standard) rigid foam, 90% closed cell structure. Overall Density is38 - 40 +/- 2 kg/m3 and thermal conductivity 0.22 W/m2K. It comes under the category of fire classification - B2 according to DIN 4102 norms with a compressive strength: 1.7 to 1.9 Kg / cm2

Panel Cladding

  • As a standard it comes with preprinted hot dipped galvanized steel (G.I Seet), Lock forming quality, according to EN 10 10142, Zinc coating of 275 gr/m 2
  • Panel inner and outer skin can be customized buy using
  • PVC coated
  • Stainless Steel Sheet in Quality AI304, hair line finish


  • Front side: 25-micron regular Polyester including mill’s Primer, in color Off- White
  • (RAL 9010).
  • Back side: 5 -10-micron Epoxy Primer suitable for PU Foam.
  • Sheet/panel protection: Sheets are protected with 50-micron protective film on top side.

Length & Thickness

Coldstores Doors

Hinged Door

CGS hinged doors are delivered as complete units -easy to install with all fittings. Door leaf are made up of special profile aluminum and join together by a wood thermal barrier to form an integral panel that are fitted with rubber gasket and rising hinges.

For freezer applications it is designed with special aluminum profile with a provision for door heater wire. For chiller rooms aluminum door frame is integrated with wall panels.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors usually delivered as a complete unit, easy to install with all fittings. Rails of the doors is made of salt water resistant material. Door leaf is made of injected sandwich panel and enclosed all around with polyester steel sheet fitted with door locks and handles including rail fittings. Freezer doors could be supplied with heating cables in the frame which secures from gelation and ice formation.