When the range of possibilities is endless,

Each solution becomes unique

CGS is a leading company in Cold chain Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide high quality and innovative solutions in Transport Refrigeration, Refrigeration Systems, Insulated Bodies, Shelters and Cold Storage Warehousing

Refrigerated Transport Solutions Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

To improve the Quality of Life providing superior Refrigeration and Transportation Systems, Customized Solutions and Services

Refrigerated Transport Solutions Dammam

Our Vision

Be a leading Refrigeration service provider in each business segment in the KSA

Coldstores Warehousing Riyadh

Since Fraikin's establishment in GCC 5 years ago, our ultimate objective was to source a partner which can maintain the same level of services and quality which...

Coca-Cola and CGS are business partners for more than 25 years. In this period CGS Sales and Engineering team developed beverage bodies which suits perfectly...  

As salehiyah we are dealing with CGS as business partner not supplier only and we have always positive feed back about their services and support as well.