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CGS Dammam new office and workshop been inaugurated

Posted on :12-12-2014    Posted by : admin

Technological innovations are moving at a very fast pace, if we are not catching up with this we will be left behind. Technological changes bring more productivity, the inventions and innovations brought by technological change pushes the production upward. These are changes in the set of the possible production potentials in a company. Improvements have reached in our perception of innovation and technical change, but there are so many things to be done. Companies thinks that they have done much in the development, but it is time that they discover more.

CGS continuously brings about new innovations in the use of technology to enhance quality and production capacities, to achieve this and to be the market leaders we are collaborating with the best in the industry. To stay relevant in our services, we are continuously improving our technology, adding new systems functions and infrastructure and constantly re-examining our processes and reviewing our engineering and production methodologies.

It is even more challenging to be doing so over the last 33 years with so many new innovations and initiatives have been implemented such as ISO quality system, Grit blasting system, the new Coldstores Insulated panel press, IT sector and now by introducing our "new foaming plant". In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances. The plant is designed and manufactured by one of the most reputed European Company in its field and we are extremely proud to state here that this is the first and only machine in the entire Middle East. CGS can proudly acclaim to be the leader in the market who brings in latest technologies. It took CGS more than two years only for the R & D and amplification of technical parameters which indicates how sophisticated and classy the machine technology is! Actually we would like to testify that this new technology is fully customized mechanism specifically designed for CGS panel manufacturing methods and requirements. The panels are manufactured through temperature controlled platens sized 16,500 x 3,700mm which are made out of high specs steel structures with hydraulic controlled system for opening and closing. This will ensure supply of first-rate and clean quality panels with high mechanical properties and state of the art insulation efficiency. Panels can be produced from 40mm to 220mm thicknesses which are some of the unique features of this system. The panels will be produced much faster than the conventional system and also the de-molding time is comparatively shorter which enables us to reduce delivery time of our products. The average distribution of foam will be at equal overall density, which will lead to the production of quality panels. Moreover the panels produced will be aesthetically excellent, completely bubble free and the adhesion between foam and skins will be remarkably uniform and free from stretched areas and air pockets. We are quite ecstatic that the scraps and all relevant disposal or repairing cost will be virtually eliminated and we are optimistic that our workers and production environment will be benefited out of this new line.

It is indeed a proud moment for CGS and we are cheerfully announcing the inauguration of this new high-tech plant which is yet another milestone for CGS and undoubtedly maintains our tag of market leader providing excellent quality products for more than three decades. As we go forward, we hope we're going to continue to use latest technology to make really big differences in how people live and work.

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