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Beverage body

CGS beverage body kit could be delivered as fully assembled or as SKD Kit system. Advantage of CGS aluminium beverage body is the floor and structural design, which makes it possible to fit the floor panel directly on the truck chassis without sub frame, which results in lower loading height.

Wall system, roof and floor are forming together a self-supporting body where welding has been minimized. All aluminium profiles are of high tensile alloy fitting elements is mostly bolts and stainless steel rivets. Aluminium floorboards and outer aluminium bottom frame are equipped with an Inter connectable joint system, which reduces stress concentration and Increase the load capacity and also allows easy assembling of the body.

To prevent pallet movement on the road, the floor topside has anti slip grips and could be delivered with a 5-degree slope to the body inside. Front/rear walls and roof are made of insulated sandwich panels with 0.6mm white polyester coated steel sheets to minimize warming of the beverage. Cross and centre partition walls are made of aluminium hollow profile structure, which takes into account rough forklift handling.

All loading bays have separate aluminium shutter door, which are spring Balanced for easy handling and locked on each side separately with central lock.

All doors are sealed with PVC gaskets. The aluminium beverage body design saves loading height and weight, and has been successfully tested in operation with Coca Cola of Saudi Arabia and African countries.


  • Front wall and roof ventilation grills. Side steps made of a single aluminium extrusion hinged lightweight steel support.

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